"I always say 'morning' because if it was a good morning, I would be building my Power BI report."

We design and build Power BI and data warehouse solutions and tools for operational accounting – hands-on.

We identify the needed data pieces.
Then refine the raw material into valuable insights.
And together we will build your crystal ball.

What we do?

We established the IntelligencePros team in 2021 to provide expert analyst and data engineer services to industrial, technology, banking, and manufacturing sectors. Our existence is based on hands-on experience and observations of +10 years in our primary industries.


Our company’s Holy Sacrament is to produce our Client with high standard expertise of business and financial intelligence 

in order to

support our Client in focusing on the very core of their business. 


We are doers. Our turf is BI/DW development and operational accounting in complex operational and production environments. Our approach is driven by business, not technology. Our principal guideline is to set our work in the context of the Client business targets goals. We execute solutions to help our Client’s core business.


Our office is situated in Norther Finland, Technopolis Linnnanmaa Oulu. We operate in EU area.


Reach out to us if you:

  • Seek to establish a Power BI reporting environment or enhance existing reporting.
  • Require a Python programmer or data warehousing expertise.
  • Are in search of an operational accounting expert for financial analysis and management tools.

Explore the Kaira Product Suite

Kaira Industrial Metrics is a Power BI toolset designed for industrial sectors, providing a seamless overview of true business performance, while remaining agile to meet specific customer needs.

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Business intelligence
and operational accounting services


Power BI Implementations
Data Warehouse Work and Coding
Operational Accounting and Internal Calculation Tools

Holistic approach,
precise solutions.

Values and Approach

Working together

We listen, react and learn. We understand that exceptional customer experience is built upon even the smallest details. We interact in a way that helps the Client to overcome obstacles.

Sharing the vision

We paint the big picture and highlight the relevants. We grasp our Client’s needs, strategies, and approaches. We execute the details in a manner that supports overarching objectives. We avoid narrow optimization and perceive the world around our sandbox.

Building the tomorrow

We take a step beyond the common roadmap. We propel our Client and ourselves forward. We encourage, unafraid of mistakes. Mistakes teach us, guide us ahead, and foster growth.

We commit to exceed the expectations.

Need a BI/DW or operational accounting expert?