Are You a skilled professional?
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Do you want to work in expert roles within a small organization where you can truly make an impact? We are looking for analysts, controllers, data warehouse professionals, and application developers.


You have proficiency in one or more technologies. Your toolkit might include Microsoft Power BI/PowerPivot/DAX, Excel, SQL Server, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Azure, among others.


You might be at a point in your career where you understand how the world works. Or even better: you’ve progressed so far that you comprehend how little one can truly know about it.


If you’re a recent graduate or a junior analyst, you’ll be a part of our Treadstone72TM program, which molds you into a cyborg-level management asset.


Work can be carried out on-site at the client’s premises, remotely, or at our office, depending on the assignment.


Send an informal application letter and CV to You can also inquire about further details from Tuomo at 0400 199 807.

Need a Professional in BI or Internal Calculation?