Power BI

We handle all phases of implementation and development of Microsoft Power BI reporting environment.


  • We map out user roles and gather people’s data and reporting needs.
  • We create business and technical specifications.
  • We design and implement data warehouse architecture.
  • We establish reporting environment, roles, and security measures.
  • We execute data queries and models, reports, and visualizations.
  • We integrate data sources such as production, finance, and operations to create unified metrics.
  • We construct KPI dashboards for various user groups.
  • We create mobile-optimized reports.
  • We manage report distribution.
  • We track report usage and build ad-hoc reports.


We possess substantial experience in both Power BI frontend and visualization, as well as backend tasks and data refinement. We offer an all-in-one solution for the entire BI chain.

We have the capability to deliver versatile solutions using Power BI, PowerPivot, and DAX. Contact us for a more detailed discussion.


DW and BI development

  • We crush all data.
  • We automate data flows for various purposes, allowing you to focus on productive work rather than routine tasks.
  • We define and build DW layers that enable concise and up-to-date reporting.
  • We harness Python’s monumental power for streamlined data management solutions.
We have experience in diverse targeted solutions. Give us a call to learn more.

Operational accounting solutions

We possess extensive experience in various calculation methods and analyses. Our offerings include, among others, the following areas:





Do you know the composition of your operating margin and profit? We break down your operations and ensure you measure the right metrics.


Business analyses are designed to support management decisions, but solutions implemented with the right methods yield practical information for reporting and management metric enhancement projects.



Investment cases and cash flow estimates


We construct analysis tools and BI solutions for operational activities, production, and manufacturing. We execute quotation and project calculation tools for complex operational environments. We consolidate information into unified income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow formats.


We can create Excel-based calculation solutions where users can easily input and modify data.


Through a unified data structure, you can track the impact of contracts or investments on financial position and compare profitability at a detailed level, such as different work types or phases.


You can also integrate calculation data with information from other systems.





We implement forecasting and budgeting tools that compile rolling forecasts from business operations and budget with precision.


Continuous forecasting and performance monitoring allow you to quickly react to issues and anticipate opportunities, changes, or adaptation needs.



Controlled growth


We conduct financial statement analyses that simulate key metrics for business operations or profit units. We develop investment plans and compare scenarios for various actions across the organization.



We also provide customized analyses and tools for most industries. Contact us for more information.

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